Now – Bring the Healthy Benefits of Vitamin C into your SHOWER – You Won’t Believe the Difference! 

Enjoy Softer Skin and Hair, and Better Overall Health

Without A Single Change in Your Daily Routine, Guaranteed!

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Why Do You Need a Vitamin C Shower Filter?

Vitamin C is the most effective and efficient chlorine and chloramine filtration media on the market. Sonaki Vitamin C shower filters are lab tested and proven to neutralize 99.9% of the harmful chlorine and chloramine toxins from your shower water! Other filter medias can’t say anywhere near the same. Read more about the inefficiencies of KDF and Carbon chlorine shower filter systems here. Sonaki shower filter cartridges are composed of 100% organic, pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C.

Chlorine, in excess over everyday exposure, is BAD for you. There is no if, ands, or buts about it. Read more about the harmful effects of chlorine on your body and overall health here. 

The anti-oxidant power of Vitamin C is infused into your shower water, so you are not only negating the detrimental impact of chlorine toxins on your body, you are replacing these toxins with the healing qualities of Vitamin C – Support firm, soft, youthful looking skin, and smooth, lustful hair! Read more about Chlorine’s harmful effects on your skin, hair, and overall health here.

Sonaki was the first to use Vitamin C to neutralize chlorine via a filtration system, and thus they have more experience and know-how than any of their competitors – the others just piggy-backed on Sonaki’s idea. Read more about the features and benefits of Sonaki Vitamin C shower filters here.

Sonaki hand held shower filters help CONSERVE water, and SAVE you money!

Most standard showerheads have a flow rate between 12 and 18 L/minute…but not Sonaki handheld shower filters – check out the Water Pressure and Water Savings information below, and visit our Low Flow Showerhead Filter page to purchase our most efficient water saving shower heads.

Sonaki hand-held shower filters conserve water so they save you money!

Sonaki Vitamin C Filter 60 Day Guarantee No Questions Asked 60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee -Seriously

You won’t find any other shower filter store or manufacturer offering anything like this. We understand that these products aren’t “mainstream” (yet)…it takes some guts to go out on a limb and try a new product, which is why we want to make it Guaranteed_PSD_Badge2easier for you. Listen, we KNOW you will LOVE these shower filters, so much so that you won’t believe you lived without them. But, just in case something ridiculously insane happens (ex: you decide to swear off showers, or we experience a zombie apocalypse etc.), just return your order to us within 60 days of your purchase for a FULL refund of your purchase price, no questions asked…it’s that simple. Click here to read up on all the details (don’t worry…no legal mumbo jumbo).

See the Sonaki Vitamin C Shower Filter In Action…

Check out our Sonaki chlorine shower filters in action on the TV’s “I Want That!”  Vitamin C Showerhead Filter

Discover how these 100% natural Vitamin C shower filters eliminate harmful chlorine and chloramine toxins from your shower water…IMAGINE…Baby soft skin, glorious full bodied hair, and improved overall health just by switching to a Sonaki shower filter.

Still doubtful? Read Sonaki shower filter reviews directly from the keyboards of our happy Sonaki customers. Here is just a taste…

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