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Discover How These 100% Natural Shower Filters Eliminate Dangerous Toxins From Your Shower Water and Replaces Them With The Healing Qualities of Vitamin C...
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vitamin c showerheads

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shower filters

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vitamin c shower heads

vitamin c showerheads

IMAGINE...Baby Soft Skin, Glorious Full Bodied Hair, and Better Overall Health Without The Need for All of Those Expensive Health and Beauty Care Products. Read on to find out more...

From the Keyboard of Brian Dalysonaki shower heads
Location: San Diego, California

Dear Fellow Dry Skin, Frizzy Hair, Dandruff Sufferers,

Let me share a frightening fact that you are probably unaware of:


Did You Know?

“Your body will absorb more chlorine and other toxic water-borne chemicals in a 10 minute shower with a typical, un-filtered shower head than if you drank 8 - 8 oz. glasses from the same public water source found at your tap.”

Are you aware of the fact that the harmful side effects of chlorine are intensified when the water is heated to steam and ionized in your shower? sonaki shower filter  


Did You Know?

“A Professor of Water Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh claims that exposure to vaporized chemicals in the water supplies through showering, bathing, and inhalation is 100 times greater than through drinking the water.”

Source: The Nader Report, Troubled Waters on Tap - Center for Study of Responsive Law

Here’s how…chlorine evaporates at a much faster rate than water, and therefore in your hot shower, chlorine molecules convert to toxic gas and enter into your body through your skin pores and lungs via inhalation.

As a result, you can face various irritating and sometimes even dangerous health problems such as:sonaki vitamin c shower heads

  vitamin c shower heads Dry, itchy skin 
  vitamin c showerheads Dandruff, frizzy hair
  shower water filters Sinus blockages  
  shower filters Eye irritation and inflammation  
  shower filter Asthmatic symptomsBest Shower Heads
  vitamin c showerheads Acne  
  vitamin c shower heads Over-exposure has even been linked to cancer


Did You Know?

“Americans are becoming more aware of the contaminants in our nation's water supplies and many are installing water filters to purify their drinking water. Yet most continue to bathe and shower straight from the tap, unaware that inhaling unfiltered shower vapors (steam) is more harmful than actually drinking the water itself. During a shower, toxic chloroform evaporates into the surrounding air you breathe… According to East West magazine, consumers should purchase shower head filters which remove chlorine and other contaminants to prevent exposure to chloroform [and other toxic substances]."

Source: Center for Study of Responsive Law, Consumers Research Magazine, East West

Now, don’t get me wrong...I am NOT saying that your water makes your skin dry or your hair frizzy. It is actually the chlorine toxins found in your unfiltered tap water that harms your skin, hair and ultimately your overall health. 

Go ahead, do some research and check the accuracy of our claims. We'll be here when you get back...












Welcome back! What did you find? Well...I am guessing if you are still reading this you did your homework and now you are back to see what kind of relief I am offering you...

Keep reading to find out how our Vitamin C shower heads and shower filters can protect you and your loved ones from the terrible side effects of chlorine exposure...and SAVE you money in the process! 


You Don’t Have To Suffer These Annoying, Threatening Side Effects Any Longer!

Yes, you read that right.

Let me introduce you to Sonaki’s Vitamin C Shower Heads and Shower Filters. 


 “Sonaki’s vitamin shower filters are lab-tested and proven to remove 99.9%  of the chlorine and other harmful toxins found in your shower water...better than any other shower filter on the market.”

Installing a Sonaki Vitamin C shower head is the safest, easiest, and healthiest way to guard your skin, hair, and overall health from the harmful effects of chlorine and other toxins.

 best shower filtersshower filters with vitamin cBuy shower filters from sonaki

Sonaki’s shower heads and shower filters go far beyond just filtering your shower water. In fact, they utilize 100% natural, food grade Vitamin C to neutralize the chlorine toxins in your untreated tap water! The left over vitamin particles are then infused into your water, and thereby passing on Vitamin C's antioxidant qualities to your skin, hair, and lungs.

Why Are Sonaki's Vitamin C Shower Filters Better Than Standard Charcoal Shower Filters?

  1. The Vitamin C utilized in the shower filter is 100% natural! 
  2. Our shower filters eliminate more chlorine toxins than any other filter on the market so you can enjoy a fresh, clean shower the way it was meant to be. 
  3. Imparts the healing, medicinal qualities of Vitamin C through the shower filter and onto your skin, hair and into your lungs! 
  4. Super-easy to replace the filter cartridge - it only takes seconds! 
  5. Exceeds new dechlorination requirements set by the EPA in the Clean Water Act. 
  6. It lasts longer than standard shower filters! 
  7. The perfect level of water pressure! Do you have poor water pressure? NO WORRIES! These filters have a built in turbine that creates the perfect pressure for a soothing shower.
  8. Save on your water bill! The same water turbine in the shower filter cartridge also helps control the amount of water you use during your shower. The water savings alone can pay for the shower head! 
  9. We GUARANTEE it for 90 days! No questions asked - if it doesn't live up to your expectations, we will refund 110% of your money back! 

best shower head filtersshower head water filtershand held shower filter

 Forget Your Typical Shower Head! Sonaki Vitamin C Shower Head Filters Are FAR From Typical!

All of our Sonaki Vitamin C shower heads have been manufactured to give great functionality and are available in various forms with multiple features. Each and every shower head model is designed to function perfectly as both a hand-held AND mounted shower head.

Each model we offer provides a unique functionality and design to your shower. Some of the options include chrome finishing, relaxing massage stream, adjustable shower spray and angle, cleansing bidet settings, and so much more!

And that’s not all. We don’t want you to sacrifice the appearance of your bathroom to enjoy the functionality and benefits of one our of Vitamin C shower head filters. This is why Sonaki has made sure to use trendy and attractive designs on all of their shower head models. Unlike other shower filter manufacturere, no matter which shower head model you choose from, it will surely enhance the look of your bathroom. 

shower head filters Sonaki Vitamin C Shower Water Filters In Action...


Check out our Vitamin C shower heads and shower filters in action in the following YouTube video.Vitamin C Showerhead Filter


And if that’s not enough,vitamin c shower filter

Read Below To Find Out How Effective Our Vitamin C Shower Filters Has Been For Other People Like YOU - In Their Very Own Words…

Don't take my word for it... Read below to find out what some of our existing customers have to say about their experience with their Vitamin C shower heads. 


“…I love the water pressure the shower head puts out! A one, two, three combo for me. Great job on this one” 

“I was turned on to this wonderful shower head by a friend. I had been looking for something that would remove the chlorine from my water. I drink a lot of bottled water and it only made sense to make sure there were no chemicals in my shower water after I learned about absorption through my skin. Most of the shower filters I found searching online were wall mounted and looked stark white and cheap. The Sonaki product I am now happy to be using has a great appearance and is hand held...and I love the water pressure the shower head puts out! A one, two, three combo for me. Great job on this one !"


- Susan Middendorf 

    San Diego, California 

 best shower filtersshower filters with vitamin cBuy shower filters from sonaki



“…The results made me a true believer. I won't go another day with out it”

“I live in Washington DC and the water is very hard and chemically treated. I was constantly using a ton of lotions and hair product to counteract the harsh effect the water had on my skin and hair. I was told to try this Sonaki Shower Head and I have to say the results have been fantastic. I especially noticed it when the filter finally ran out and I hadn't ordered a replacement in time. I had to go a week without the benefits of the filter and it made it crystal clear to me what this shower head water filter was really doing for me. Now I have my filter back in action and will NEVER go without it again. The guarantee convinced me to try it and the results made me a true believer. I won't go another day with out it.” 

- Stephanie Plummer
  Washington DC

 best shower filtersshower filters with vitamin cBuy shower filters from sonaki

“I now use and love the Sonaki Vitamin C shower head. It has had a very positive effect on my skin…”


  I now use and love the Sonaki Vitamin C shower head. It has had a very positive effect on my skin. I never knew there was a problem with my water until I experienced the difference. I highly recommend the Sonaki Vitamin C shower head water filter. Thank you Brian for introducing this great product to me.” 


- Kim Lang 

    Ramona, California

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Excited? You should be…shower filters

But, if you are thinking that this offer couldn’t get any better...then you're wrong!

A Product Jam-Packed To The Brim Full Of Benefits, You’re Probably Wondering How Much It Actually Costs!

You need not worry about the cost, because I’m offering these Sonaki Vitamin C shower head filters at a very low price. In fact, I guarantee that what I am offering is the LOWEST PRICE available on the market. If you find the same Sonaki product for sale for any less, I’ll match that price plus take off an additional 5%.  I’m that serious about providing you the highest value product at the lowest possible price!

We are offering up to 10% OFF as compared to Sonaki factory direct pricing. Read below to find the details of each of the Sonaki Vitamin C Shower Filters and their prices. shower filter  



Sonaki Vita-Max Inline Universal Vitamin C Shower Filter

Sonaki Vita-Max Inline Shower filter lets you enjoy the benefits of a vitamin c shower filter while using any shower head you want.

Sonaki Direct - $49.00
Our Pricing - $47.00!

You Save $2.00

Sonaki's Vita-Max Shower Filter fits all standard shower heads to defend your skin and hair, and overall health by removing the chlorine and other harmful toxins from your shower water.

It means you can enjoy the benefits of Sonaki's Vitamin C shower filter on the shower head you love!

Click here more information about this universal shower filter and how to order.


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"I am amazed at how much better my skin feels in just one week." - Veda S. 
"Love love your Sonaki Vitamin C shower filter!" -Adeline  
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