Can Chlorine Cause Cancer?

Are you aware that municipalities have, since the late 19th Century, been adding chlorine to municipal drinking water as a disinfectant. Today, that same chlorine is still added to the water we drink, cook with, wash our clothes with, and bathe in. Chlorine is an effective disinfectant, killing over 99% of the bacteria found in our water; Unfortunately, […]

The Effects of Chlorine on Your Heart

In the mid-1960s, Dr. Joseph Price, author of “Coronaries/Cholesterol/Chlorine,” wanted to prove the deleterious effect of long-term ingestion of chlorinated drinking water. Dr. Price divided a number of chickens into two groups, one group to be given only chlorinated water to drink for their entire lives, the other, the control group, only non-chlorinated water. The […]

The Side Effects of Chlorine And Your Respiratory System

Where is Chlorine Found? Chlorine, often used as an anti-bacterial disinfectant, is a common element that is found in household cleaners, chemical manufacturing processes, and swimming-pool maintenance supplies. It is also found in most municipal water supplies, since it has been added to our tap water since the late 19th Century. This concentrated chlorine is […]

The Effects of Chlorine on Your Hair

It rarely occurs to us that our shower water is wreaking havoc on our hair. That hot, refreshing, shower is supposed to be cleansing, even relaxing…yet chances are that the water we use to shower is inundating us with, among other toxins, chlorine. This chlorine in our shower water is the prime cause of frizzy, dried […]

The Effects of Chlorine on Your Skin

The human body’s largest organ is, of course, skin. The skin, along with the bone structure, frames the body, and, just as importantly, protects the more vulnerable internal organs from damage due to external forces such as trauma and contaminants, including bacteria, UV rays, chemicals, etc. Though the body, especially the skin, is almost constantly […]

Sonaki Vitamin C Shower Filter…How it Works!

Sonaki’s Vitamin C shower filters are fully approved by the EPA and APHA, and they exceed the new de-chlorination requirements set by the Clean Water Act. Sonaki shower filters have been tested and proven to fully neutralize 99.9% of both chlorine and chloramines found in public tap water. The filters are made with 100% natural, food grade Vitamin […]