The Effects of Chlorine on Your Heart

side effects of chlorineIn the mid-1960s, Dr. Joseph Price, author of “Coronaries/Cholesterol/Chlorine,” wanted to prove the deleterious effect of long-term ingestion of chlorinated drinking water. Dr. Price divided a number of chickens into two groups, one group to be given only chlorinated water to drink for their entire lives, the other, the control group, only non-chlorinated water. The results of this experiment were quite alarming.

According to Dr. Price’s findings, every chicken that was given the chlorinated water over the course of their lives showed varying degrees of heart and circulatory system damage. The chickens that were given non-chlorinated water showed no such damage. Additionally, the group of chickens that were given only non-chlorinated water grew quicker, and presented far fewer problems with their general health.

The Ravages of Chlorine

Chlorine added to our drinking water supply is fast becoming a serious health problem, not only here in the U.S., but world-wide. This addition of chlorine is meant to disinfect our water and water distribution systems, the water pipes that bring the water to our homes and businesses. Chlorine is not used, however, because it is the most diligent, or even the safest method of disinfecting our water. Chlorine is used primarily because it is the cheapest way.

This cost-effective tap-water disinfectant is very likely crippling us, and killing us in a number of ways. A sampling of the diverse conditions and ailments that are more and more frequently blamed on exposure to chlorine in our water include:

• Dry, brittle, lusterless hair
• Dry, aging skin
• Skin rashes and irritation
• Acne
• Respiratory problems
• Tissue cell damage
• Cancer
• Cardiovascular disease

The two major killers in the U.S. have, for some time now, been heart disease and cancer. Cardiovascular, or heart disease, along with an escalating incidence of bladder, colon, rectal, and breast cancer have all been linked to our continued ingestion of unfiltered, chlorinated tap water.

More Alarming Studies

A recent study by Richard Bull with the Environmental Protection agency supports the earlier findings reported by Dr. Price in his experiment determining the effects of chlorine on chickens. Mr. Bull, in his similar experiment, used two groups of pigeons, one of which were given chlorinated water to drink over the course of their lifetimes. As well, both groups were fed a low-calcium diet. At the conclusion of Bull’s experiment, all the pigeons drinking chlorinated water were noted to have an increase of some 50 % in their serum cholesterol than were the pigeons drinking non-chlorinated water.

Increased levels of serum cholesterol have long been known to vastly increase the risk of fatal heart attacks in humans. Based on the experiments by Dr. Price, Mr. Bull, and other more recent and comprehensive studies, it is becoming apparent to health officials and researchers that diet may not have as much to do with increased serum cholesterol levels in the body as does drinking chlorinated water.

A Heart Attack Waiting to Happen

Elevated serum cholesterol is a prime suspect, in fact the only suspect in promoting arteriosclerosis, a plaque build-up in our blood vessels. Often known as hardening of the arteries, arteriosclerosis is the formation of clots of plaque on the walls of our vascular system. It is these clots that often break away from the blood-vessel walls that are the prime cause of heart attacks.

Chlorine oxidation and its combination with decaying animal and vegetable matter in our water produce trihalomethanes (THMs). These THMs, an unavoidable byproduct of chlorinated water, are also known as a form of free radicals, which are serious impairments to the healthy growth and development of the various tissue cells in our bodies. Obviously, these tissue cells include the cardiovascular system. Conclusively, drinking chlorinated water is killing not only chickens and pigeons, but humans as well.

chlorine and heart attacks

Of course, we shower, as well as drink this chlorinated tap water, and further studies have shown that the chlorine gas that is formed from the vaporizing of the chlorine in the hot shower water can be even more damaging to our bodies than relatively stable chlorine found in drinking water.

A simple and proven remedy for the damaging effects of chlorine in our drinking water is the installation of a water filter, both at the faucet most used for drinking, as well as on each shower head. Water filters are an effective and inexpensive way to eliminate the chlorine in our tap water. It may be some time, after all, before a cheaper alternative to chlorine may be feasible for disinfecting the water that we use every day.


Though there are other types of shower filters available, such as carbon filters, and Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) filters, none has been proven as effective or as beneficial to both the body and the environment as a Vitamin C shower filter. Since refusing to ever shower again would be a somewhat unclean solution to the problem of chlorinated water, the use of a Vitamin C shower filter makes the most sense.

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